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Serve Strong but Stay Sane is a website devoted to issues related to the mental health of missionaries for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.  Content is directed toward future and serving missionaries; and those who care about them.  Please review our Snippet and Blog pages for ongoing posts regarding how to avoid or overcome common challenges involved in full-time missionary service in the Church of Jesus Christ.  If you have a question about how to help a particular struggling missionary, and would like Dr. Taylor to offer suggestions, please leave a note on the contact page or email Dr. Taylor directly.  Also, if you have material or links to material that you think should be added to this web site, please forward it for consideration to gary@garygtaylor.com.

We know that serving an LDS mission can offer great blessings--to the missionary, to those they serve, and to those they leave behind.  But we also know how difficult serving a mission can be.  That point is underlined by a segment aired by KUTV (Salt Lake City Channel 2) in their evening news program. 

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The book mentioned in the Chanel 2 segment is now available for purchase.  Whether the problem is depression, anxiety, lost motivation, inadequate self-discipline, getting along with companions, anger management, or any number of other issues, there is help available.  Those preparing to serve, and those who influence prospective and serving missionaries, should find this book especially helpful.

Dr. Gary G. Taylor

You can purchase Serve Strong but Stay Sane-Ten Mistakes That will Ruin Your Mission or Your life online at Amazon and Deseret Book.  It can also be purchased at most Seagull and Deseret Book stores, at The Missionary Mall and CTR Clothing in Orem, Utah, and at the BYU bookstore on campus in Provo.  All proceeds from the sale of the book will be contributed to the Missionary Fund.

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