Dr. Gary G. Taylor

Dr. Gary G. Taylor

Chapter Twelve provides specific suggestions on how to avoid and/or resolve many different kinds of challenges from anger, boredom and companion problems to eating disorders and insomnia.  Anxiety and depression are, of course, also covered.

About the Author

Serve Strong But Stay Sane Mental Health Topics For Lds Missionaries

Dr. Taylor is a life-long member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  He has served in many positions in the Church, his favorite being a teacher.  Dr. Taylor earned a PhD in psychology from Brigham Young University and has been in private practice for over forty years.  He is now retired and he and his wife Melody live in St. George, Utah.  They have ten children and twenty-four grandchildren.  Dr. Taylor served a two year proselyting mission years ago in the Canadian Mission; and he and his wife have served together on two eighteen month missions in the Europe and South Pacific Area offices.  During this time, Dr. Taylor was an Area Mental Adviser working with hundreds of missionaries who were struggling during their service.

What Readers are Saying About the Book:

Contents of Serve Strong but Stay Sane - (267 pages)


Chapter One:     Having Unrealistic Expectations

Chapter Two:     Worry About Things That You Can't Control

Chapter Three:  Thinking and Speaking in Absolutes

Chapter Four:    Focusing on the Negative

Chapter Five:     Failing to See the Big Picture

Chapter Six:      Going Overboard With Good Things

Chapter Seven: Failing to Follow Priesthood Leadership Priniciples

Chapter Eight:   Letting Anger and Fear Get Out of Control

Chapter Nine:    Not Being Quick to Forgive

Chapter Ten:      Not Being Sufficiently Self-disciplined

Chapter Eleven: Issues Related to Early Release

Chapter Twelve: Summary Suggestions

                             Concluding Comment

I think it is marvelous. Realistic. Transformative. This will be an important resource for thousands. I plan to draw on it for some training this week.”  Bruce Lindsay, former KSL news anchor and President of the Australia Perth Mission.
“I have been reading your book draft and I am thoroughly impressed with what a great tool this will be for many. I agree that it fills a huge gap between general doctrinal advice and practical “how to” information, which your book provides.”  Bradley D. Carter, President. Australia Adelaide Mission.
“I need to tell you how much impact your insights and counsel have had on missionaries here and on me.  I continue to share some of your insights with missionaries that I counsel with.”  Cory H. Maxwell, President, Australia Melbourne Mission. 
Very much on target with the issues and concerns we as Mental Health Advisors encounter every day.  This will prove very valuable to countless missionaries.  I want to incorporate a number of your ideas; and with permission, send out particular excerpts.  Allan Whidden, Area Mental Health Advisor.

I have already given chunks to numerous missionaries and recommended the book to them.  I hope many of them order the full copy.  Only someone who has been through missionary service like yours could truly understand it.  This book will go in our office library and surely be used for years to come!  Thanks again!  Michael J. Kuhle, LCSW