What Advice is There for a Missionary Who is Prayerful and Working Hard; but Who                                                                             Seldom Feels the Spirit?   

                When Learning the Language of Your Mission Proves to be Close to Impossible.  

s there value in serving even on a missionary's worst day Ever?  

en ideas that will minimize the pain of an early release from missionary service.  

D & C 121:  A Key to Enduring Adversity Well While Serving a Mission. 

                What To Do When There Are Companionship Problems. 

​                Don't Confuse Becoming Perfect with Being Worthy.  


                Ideas for Managing Fear and Panic.  

                Managing Anger:  An Essential Skill for Missionaries.  

                Are You Having Trouble With Your Diet?  Are There Eating Concerns?  

​                When Overcoming Temptation, It Helps to Avoid Beating Ourselves Up in the Process.    


               Exact Obedience--A Good or Bad Thing?  

​                The Secret to Managing Anger 

                Trouble Controlling Unwanted Behavior - Two Powerful Ways to Improve Self-control

​                The Perils of All or None Thinking--From One LDS Perspective

​                When the Road Gets Difficult and the Way is Rocky--The Need for Resilience

               Forgiveness the Magic Medicine

                Prospective/Serving Missionaries--Get Comfortable With Being Uncomfortable

                When Mission Goals are Unreasonable

                Get Comfortable With Failure

                When You Have Trouble Working with a Mission Leader

                When You Want to Quit Your Mission

                Defending Faith When Confronted by Well-informed Doubters

               Taking Responsibility for How we Feel


                What if I get Depressed on my Mission?

                When You Feel Shame or Guilt  (New Post)


Dr. Gary G. Taylor

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